• Perform comprehensive needs analysis: position requirements, role, responsibilities and challenges.
  • Gain insight into the company culture, vision and goals.
  • Assist in the creation of a position description and compensation.
  • Establish timelines, expectations and recruiting objectives.

  • Conduct comprehensive candidate search using our extensive talent database, industry associations, relevant competitors and broad network of industry experts.
  • Identify qualified passive and active candidates.
  • Interview initial list of candidates to assess suitability and qualifications.

  • Verify credentials, work history, reference check and cultural fit — establishing a short list of candidates.
  • Provide client with short list candidate skill, qualification and accomplishment matrices.
  • Perform thorough reference checks on leading candidates.

  • Facilitate candidate interview process — arrange interviews, prepare candidate and client for successful interviews
  • Debrief client and candidate after each interview, providing valuable post-interview feedback.
  • Advise on compensation package and extend and negotiate offer on client’s behalf to gain candidate’s acceptance.

  • Counsel candidate through resignation process — including handling counter offers.
  • Follow through with client and candidate after placement to ensure ease of transition.
  • Maintain communication with client and candidate and address any potential challenges.
  • Attain client quality assurance feedback on our process.